The creative process – our working relationship – is important.

We don’t just make great furniture, we communicate about
furniture, and communication is an exchange of ideas.

We want to work with you to maximize this exchange between
client and designer, dreamer and builder, so that the concept
can achieve its fullest expression in reality.

What we make will be a catalyst for creativity, carrying forward
the ideas we have created to seed new ideas, causing conversations,
and bringing more realities into the world.

We create ideas about furniture because furniture is important.

It supports us, and its influence is real. We are enabled by a table.
We gather around these objects.

They have silently witnessed our greatest joys and sorrows –
the creation of every great idea in human history – and that’s an
exciting thought for a furniture designer.

That the piece you created could have, in some small way, influenced
the writings of Shakespeare or the founding of a nation, the makings of
peace, the discovery of love.

This is what we do.

Geoff Divko
Founder – GDA Associates