Design Process

What we do:

GDA is a manufacturer of furniture and joinery for the Architecture and
Interior Design industries.

We produce bespoke items by working closely with industry professionals
at all stages of the design process. We can take a complete set of schematics
and produce items to specifications.

We build in solid timber, timber products, and non-ferrous metals,
incorporating woodworking, upholstery, and polishing.

We also design for, produce, and integrate a number of other materials.

We are always excited by the prospect of producing items that are
innovative or unusual, and enjoy technical challenges and providing creative solutions.


Step 1: From concept to design

An initial meeting with GDA’s design
professionals will establish how best to utilize
our technical knowledge to guide concepts
towards a specific outcome.

After initial development the concept can be
described by us in detail with production drawings
which are then supplied to the clientfor approval or
refinement. This is the best time to confirm materials.



Step 2: From plan to product

The next stage is to start production.
Each project is unique, with some pieces
requiring differing lead times and skill sets.

Often pieces are crafted by the same tradesman
from start to finish.

The integration of selected materials and techniques is
achieved through careful project management.

This may include working with other trades involved in the
client’s project. We liaise as required to ensure the seamless
integration of other trades and services.


Step 3: The Finishing Touch

Following production the item is completely disassembled and finishes are
applied as necessary. Surface finishes are important and samples are
prepared on the actual materials being used in the job. After reassembly
any further works such as upholstery or metal work are fitted, and each
item is carefully assessed for quality.

Finally, the piece is delivered by GDA,
during which we detail the job to
ensure every aspect is perfect.